Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Free Summertime Cinema under the Stars (05/12/2015, 12/12/2015, 19/12/2015)

Enjoy a night under the stars watching a great movie in some of Boroondara's grandest parks.
Come and enjoy free cinema under the stars with your friends and family enveloped by the leafy surrounds of your favourite Boroondara parks.

Choose to BYO rug and picnic basket or buy some treats from the cuisine onsite. Whatever the decision, Summertime Cinema promises to be a great night out.

See if you can spot the dance mob No Lights No Lycra (or even better get in on the secret).

Summertime Cinema is open from 8pm for an approximate 8.30pm start, with pre- screening entertainment beforehand.

Labyrinth (PG)

David Bowie 
When: Saturday 5 December
In a year where everything has revolved around David Bowie, it’s no surprise that the demand to seeLabyrinth is high.
David Bowie stars as the goblin king, Jareth, who steals the young Sarah’s (Jennifer Connely) baby brother after she wishes him away in a fit of frustration.

To get her baby brother back, Sarah must fight through the mysteries and challenges of the Labyrinth to reach the castle of the goblin king and save her brother from Jareth’s clutches.
Combining the talents of George Lucas, Jim Henson and Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Labyrinth is the contemporary fairy-tale that has stood the test of time.  
Duration: 101 minutes

Shall We Dance (G)

Shall we dance 
When: Saturday 12 December
Presenting the 1937 original that features the undisputed king and queen of the dance floor on the silver screen. 

An American ballet dancer and a musical comedy headliner get caught up in a publicity stunt involving a fake marriage that goes awry. 

Settle in for a night of singing and dancing at its absolute finest with the flair of Fred Astaire, the grace of Ginger Rogers and the divine tunes from the incomparable Gerswhin brothers.
Duration: 109 minutes
Come early and enjoy the pre- screening entertainment from Hawthorn Band!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (PG)

Girls just want to have fun 
When: Saturday 19 December
It has the tunes, it has the moves and by the end of the night you’ll just want to dance!

Janey Glenn and Lynee Stone are the girls who just want to have fun! With a passion for dance and a dream to appear on ‘Dance TV’, when the opportunity to audition for the hit TV show comes up, no one is going to stop them from trying out. 

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt and Shannen Doherty, Girls Just Want to Have Fun is the film that set the template for all future teen dance movies.
Duration: 90 minutes

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